Paradox of research


The illusion of knowledge
Glass box, water, goldfish.
25 x  27 x 36 cm 

Our perception modifies the world
Light bulb submerged in photographic developer, plastic tray.
40 x 50 x 8 cm (tray)

Fossils in colour
Book, photo.
19 x 12 cm

Light bulb passing through the a window.
Dimensions variable. 

Vanishing birds
25 x 34 cm

Le ciel
Inkjet print on cotton paper.
40 x 50 cm

Container 2
Aluminum frame, glass, cement.
70 x 50 cm

Container 1
Light tube, cement.
95 x 2,5 cm  Ø

Part of something bigger
Aluminum frame, glass, carpet.
31 x 22 cm (frame)