Layers of meaning

2012 - 

With Layers of Meaning (2012 - ) Nicolás Lamas presents an ongoing series of images that remind us of the errors and interferences between signals from digital devices that prevent data decoding. 

Lamas selects and uses different images from several exhibitions spaces and artworks found on websites such as Contemporary Art Daily, Mousse Magazine or Art Viewer, using them as raw digital material. Either by addition(1), subtraction(2) or transformation(3) of information, Lamas creates new versions of other artists' works losing its original values and meanings. Through this exercises he attempt to find other potential combinations in the interaction between form and space in many different levels and also reflect on the role played by the visual references between artists today.  
The result is a selection of hybrid images in loop that question the influence of the Internet in how we consume, produce and understand contemporary art practices through a massive and accelerated proliferation of images that we can not assimilate. A retouched perception of reality that create improved and over-eastheticized versions through clean images that often overcomes its own physical existence and make us think about the limits of edition