Palabra de guerrillero
The poem “Palabra de guerrillero” by Javier Heraud is subjected to a systematic process of successive translations in 64 languages ​​available in the Google translator. Each translation is the basis for the next, transforming the original meaning of the poem, going from one language to another. This operation is repeated until the text is reduced to the minimal expression in the language it was written.

Camera obscura

The etymology of the word photography derives from the Greek: φως (phōs, «light»), and genitive γραφή (grafé, «representation by means of lines» or «drawing»), together meaning “drawing with light”; becomes the departure point for this piece.

A slide projector tray containing 82 square glasses. The glasses have been broken and each are projected four seconds. The traces and signs generated by breaking a surface devoid of images transforms the visual information of an empty frame.

Rubber boots with water.

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