Dynamic exchange between fragments


'Dynamic exchange between fragments' is the latest project produced by Lamas, where he continued with a research guided by his interest in the use of elements associated with gambling and sports by analogy with the structures and behaviors within a social network. The artist uses the notion of game as a simulation of what could happen in areas external to sports, where different bodies interact with each other and are determined by objectives, rules, skills, and physical laws defining the limits of their possibilities within a limited space.

This project takes the pool game as direct reference to challenge the rules and pursuing spatial relations between objects whose original functions have been changed trough a specific process. Lamas present a billiard table made in cement and 14 irregular balls molded in clay. The fragility and shape of the balls will force the players to reconsider the rules and strategies during each match. The clash between the balls will break each other, deforming their own structure but also the rules and the ways to face new challenges trough the limitations. With deformed balls and more and more fragments of them scattered around the table, the players must reconsider their stokes and the prediction of their movements as part of the strategy. Mathematical, physical or geometrical regulations, associated to this game find new problems into complexity. The deformed balls (and their fragments) that have lost their initial features become objects within a space, reformulating their dialogue with it and the other objects, creating a new game. The space then becomes in a place for reflection, using the uncertainty and indeterminacy as aspects that shape the physical world through chaos.