The value of formlessness


As if going back to the basic structure of the universe, to a Tohuwabohu of precarious forms, aberrant shapes, ephemeral [or rather unpredictable, capricious] compositions – all descending from the idea of archetype – Nicolás Lamas is walking us through a deconstructed microcosm, where domesticity and wilderness coexist and eventually merge.
A still life is unfolding in the gallery space. Hybrid objects align in a fake alphabetical order, following an invisible rhythm. Trivial fruits of thesis and antithesis, nature and culture, decay and manipulation, they ultimately succumb to the poetics of form and fall into exotic afterlife.
Space is divided, time – indefinite, and objects – once fruits, spaghetti, stones, bones, or IKEA ready-to-made structures – become objects of thought. While amassed, correlated, they behave as words in a puzzle – outcome of knowledge, calculus, and chance – and Lamas is using them to prove that form can be overwritten, but never fully discharged of its cultural sediment.

(A)  Notes  and sketches on IKEA manual.

(B)  IKEA basket, watermelon, supermarket ticket, printed image.

(C)  IKEA basket structure, printed images, marble, foam, clay, fake shell, polished African sculpture, rubber bands.

(D)  IKEA stools, polished African sculpture.

(E) IKEA shelf, elastic rope, hooks, mango.

(F)  Baguette.

(G)  Inkjet  print on cotton paper, IKEA aluminum frame.

(H)  IKEA furniture, printed image, glass, plant, skull crumbs, stone.

(I)  Wooden articulated hand, grease.

(J)  Inkjet print on cotton paper, IKEA aluminum frame.

(K)  Spaghetti.

(L)  IKEA towel rack, deer fur.

(M)  Inkjet  print on cotton paper, IKEA aluminum frame.

(N)  IKEA furniture, computer screen glass.

(O)  Inkjet print on cotton paper, IKEA aluminum frame, tripod, bananas.

(P)  Inkjet print on mate photo paper.

(Q)  Metal structure, net, clay.

(R)  Inkjet print on cotton paper, IKEA aluminum frame.

(S)  IKEA furniture, sandstone, marble, molten iron, print on fabric, baguette, brick, potato, metal, aluminum rod, celery root, orange peel.

(T)  IKEA organizer, elastic cement, orange, printed images.

(U)  Clay, paint.

(V)  IKEA furniture, cement, T-shirt.

(W)  Human skull.

(X)  IKEA towel rail, stuffed pheasant.

(Y)  Print on fabric (shirt).

(Z)  Glass, lemon.